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Tommy Hill Crash Oulton Park Large Metal Print 25X14

Tommy Hill Crash Oulton Park Large Metal Print 25X14

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Experience the raw, heart-stopping power of motorsport with this Honorable Mention-winning 16x24 metal print from the Oulton Park Photo Challenge. The image, captured by a renowned motorsport photographer, depicts the critical moment when Tommy Hill, astride the WORX Suzuki, crashed out of the championship lead on the first lap's final corner during the last race of the 2010 British Super Bike season.

The dramatic shot captures the exact moment when victory slipped through Hill's grasp — an intense image of suspense, action, and the unpredictability that defines motorsport racing. The striking clarity and vivid color reproduction of the print offer a front-row seat to this historic event, transporting you back to that fateful day.

Esteemed F1 photographer James Moy adjudicated the Oulton Park Photo Challenge, honoring this image with a worthy runner-up position. The award speaks volumes about the quality and dramatic storytelling encapsulated in this print. It is more than just a photograph; it is a testament to the courage, excitement, and sometimes, the bitter disappointment that embodies the world of competitive racing.

Whether you're an avid motorsport fan, an admirer of Tommy Hill, or a lover of award-winning photography, this metal print is a must-have piece of memorabilia. The high-definition print captures every painstaking detail, making it a fitting tribute to a remarkable moment in British Super Bike history.

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