Ferrari 512

The Ferrari 512 S was a competitive yet challenging sports prototype car in 1969 and 70, competing against the dominant Porsche 917. Despite its powerful V12 engine, it faced early problems with suspension and transmission. Ferrari shifted its focus to developing the 312 PB prototype and eventually withdrew the 512 S from factory entries.


Meet Thomas LeClair, an automotive photographer who captures the power and beauty of cars through captivating slow shutter panning shots. With an illustrious background that includes custom Porsche construction and work at Bentley Motors, Inc., Thomas's journey in pursuit of his passion has been challenging and inspiring. His unique editing style and dedication to pushing the boundaries of his craft make him stand out in the world of automotive photography.

Thomas A. LeClair

Thomas LeClair is an automotive photographer with a deep passion for capturing the power, beauty, and essence of automobiles through his lens. From an early fascination with cars to constructing custom Porsches, working in vintage racing, and securing an eleven-year tenure at Bentley Motors, Inc., Thomas's journey has been an exhilarating one. However, it was his love for motorsports and a desire to explore the art of automobile photography that led him to take a leap of faith, leaving behind the security of his previous work to pursue his dreams. Through unwavering dedication and countless hours honing his craft, Thomas has become a skilled photographer, capturing images for major brands, sanctioning bodies, and collectors. He specializes in creating captivating slow shutter panning shots that convey a sense of dynamic movement in still images, while also paying meticulous attention to composition and settings to create immersive photographs. Thomas's unique editing style further sets his work apart, making his images instantly recognizable. For him, success is not a destination but a continuous journey of growth, learning, and improvement. It's about building meaningful connections, maintaining integrity, and always striving for greater heights in his artistry.