Ferrari 512

The Ferrari 512 S was a competitive yet challenging sports prototype car in 1969 and 70, competing against the dominant Porsche 917. Despite its powerful V12 engine, it faced early problems with suspension and transmission. Ferrari shifted its focus to developing the 312 PB prototype and eventually withdrew the 512 S from factory entries.

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Why Entrust Your Vision to Thomas LeClair?

  1. World-Renowned Expertise: From vintage racing to an esteemed tenure at Bentley Motors, including an elite assignment at their UK factory. Thomas's unparalleled experiences guarantee perfection in every frame.

  2. Globally Exclusive Service: Wherever your chosen venue, from the picturesque Riviera to bustling downtown Manhattan, Thomas personally travels to curate your ideal backdrop.

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  • Custom Static Shoots: Ideal for archival purposes, magazine features, or marketing unique sales – always bespoke to your specifications.
  • Dynamic Action Imagery: Experience the roar of engines on tracks or serene road drives, captured with unparalleled artistic finesse.
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A Journey Defined by Excellence:

There's an intimate connection between cars and their stories, especially those rare gems that stand the test of time. My journey from constructing championship-winning vehicles to immortalizing them in images allowed me to bridge my profound technical understanding with my passion for storytelling. With every frame, I bring to life the heart and soul of these automotive wonders.

Client Testimonials:

"These are some brilliant shots Thomas. Really, really well done. ." - Josh Troche

"Thank you Thomas LeClair for this excellent article featured on Chevy Hardcore:
#zz632." - Ken H., Mile High Muscle.

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